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    A different kind of management company
  • All fees for services are independently negotiated between property owner  and J. Fay Properties. Pick one or all services:

  • We will collect rents, pay any bills or expenses associated with your rental property, deposit monies directly into the owner’s bank account, send proceeds directly to owner or hold funds in a trust. You, as the owner, let us know how you would like us to manage your funds.  This is included in the 7% management fee.

  • Our service includes handling all tenant concerns, doing weekly checks on exterior upkeep of the property and to periodically conduct interior inspections. We are available seven days a week by phone or email to our tenants and owners. This is included in the 7% management fee.

  • We believe in preventative maintenance programs and equipment lifecycle management. We do minor repairs and oversee major repairs with owner’s pre-approval including weekends and provide prompt status reports to property owners on a monthly basis. Our rates are billed on the quarter hour! No more “trip charges”!


  • We will keep the rent rolls and distribute monthly statements. That is included in the 7% management fee. Statements to include status of property including income, expenses, disbursements and exterior picture of property. All to be negotiated between owner and J. Fay Properties LLC.

  • We personally:

    • show properties
    • screen prospective tenants by investigating credit history, rental references, monthly income, civil court and felony checks
    • perform walk thrus with checklists and take pictures before & after tenant occupancy
    • make periodic checks throughout the year of units

    There is a prompt turnaround on units, subject to owner’s requirements and leasing laws. This service is for 1/2 full month’s rent of unit.